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New Testament Survey

Our Bible Survey Class is our weekly Bible Study course that covers one book of the Bible each week using a PowerPoint presentation and a fill-in-the-blank handout. If you missed a week or are unable to attend this class on Wednesday nights you can do the Bible study right here. Simply print out the Handout for whatever book of the Bible you desire to study, then click the PowerPoint file for that same book and go through the presentation.

Intertestamental Period PowerPoint.pdf

Intertestamental Period Handout.pdf

Matthew PowerPoint.pdf

Matthew Handout.pdf

Mark PowerPoint.pdf

Mark Handout.pdf

Luke PowerPoint.pdf

Luke Handout.pdf

John PowerPoint.pdf

John Handout.pdf

Acts PowerPoint.pdf

Acts Handout.pdf

Romans PowerPoint.pdf

Romans Handout.pdf

1 Corinthians PowerPoint.pdf

1 Corinthians Handout.pdf

2 Corinthians PowerPoint.pdf

2 Corinthians Handout.pdf

Galatians PowerPoint.pdf

Galatians Handout.pdf

Ephesians PowerPoint.pdf

Ephesians Handout.pdf

Philippians PowerPoint.pdf

Philippians Handout.pdf

Colossians PowerPoint.pdf

Colossians Handout.pdf

1 Thessalonians PowerPoint.pdf

1 Thessalonians Handout.pdf

2 Thessalonians PowerPoint.pdf

2 Thessalonians Handout.pdf

1 Timothy PowerPoint.pdf

1 Timothy Handout.pdf

2 Timothy PowerPoint.pdf

2 Timothy Handout.pdf

Titus PowerPoint.pdf

Titus Handout.pdf

Philemon PowerPoint.pdf

Philemon Handout.pdf

Hebrews PowerPoint.pdf

Hebrews Handout.pdf

James PowerPoint.pdf

James Handout.pdf

1 Peter PowerPoint.pdf

1 Peter Handout.pdf

2 Peter PowerPoint.pdf

2 Peter Handout.pdf

1 John PowerPoint.pdf

1 John Handout.pdf