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Weekly Devotional

There is Power in Your Praise

Psalm 108:8        “Judah is my scepter.”



In a royal kingdom the scepter is a symbol of authority. It is used by the King to administer justice and make decrees. The word scepter means lawgiver. Whenever the King extends his scepter, it is equivalent to a judge banging a gavel in court, signifying that the matter is settled.


A King will often extend his scepter to motion for someone to approach the throne, give orders, decree laws, end arguments and demonstrate his authority in whatever way necessary.


In the above scripture God says “Judah is my scepter.” The word Judah means praise. When God says that Judah is His scepter, this literally means that our praise causes God to administrate justice and make decrees over our lives. Our praise extends the arm of God to work on our behalf. Our praise ascends to God (Acts 10:4) and causes Him to act. And when He acts, the matter is settled.


Do you desire God to summons you closer to Him? Do you need God to order and decree some things over your life? Do you need God to settle a matter in your life? Do you need Him to put an end to a particular issue you have been battling? If so, then all you have to do is begin to praise God with all your heart. Extend your hands and He will extend His. That’s the power at work in your praise.


I encourage you to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:23, 24) so that the truth of God can be extended to every area of your life. Praise God for His greatness, knowing that as a result of your praise, God, the King of kings, is extending His hand to work everything out for your good.


Pray this prayer right now:


Father, I take this moment to give you thanks and praise for your goodness in my life. You are worthy of all my praise, and I honor You for being the King and Lord of my life. Now, I ask You Father to extend your hand to work on my behalf as I bless You and keep Your praises continually on my lips. In Jesus’ name, Amen!